Yup, it’s Kathie’s Birthday today. And she’s… NOPE! Not gonna say it. Instead, let’s evaluate, shall we?

When we go on a trip, she has to find where the water is and where the best coffee is… immediately. When she gets excited, she jumps up and down and looks at me like “Can we? Can we?!!” She surfs, works out like a machine, loves Good n’ Plenty, loves movies with strong female leads, has a black belt and constantly shows me her right bicep as if to say “You want some a this?!”

She trades stocks, drives a truck, loves pasta and our new Nutri-Bullet. She makes amazing meals out of nothing and I’ve proven this when I’ve scoured the fridge. She tells worse jokes than me and tells me my jokes are bad. (You don’t want to hear the one about the snails.) She spells horrible, takes 5 minutes to sign her name and has 5 different shades in her hair because “it’s just easier that way.”

She haaad an Amazon Shopping Cart so full from over 4 years of “hey, I might buy that,” that for today… I finally clicked “send.” Oh, and as of 7am, she’ll have a new Nirve Lahaina Beach Cruiser. She won’t read any of my posts, so no worries there. (She’s still in Slumberville). And…

She loves me. What else could a man want.

Happy Birthday, my love. 21 years and we’re just getting started. And yes, we can go.

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