Cool Stuff Tuesday… Bikes, Babes and LEGO? Uh, huh.

Ok, is cool stuff limited in any sort of way? Um… That would be NO. SO! Today, being Tuesday and the official week start ’cause of the Labor Whatever Thing… we begin with the coolness culture “From Bikes to Babes to Lego.” Yes, Lego.

Starting off with this Custom Steampunk Bike by KTM, Art by Justin Murray, a TRON Lego Lightcycle, The IronRanger, Facebook’s ZuckerBoy with Master Architect Frank Gehry, a P.O.’d Classic, the TOTO Toilet Bike and the World’s First Solar Plane. What the heck are all these peeps up to? They just want to GO, GO, GOOOO….!

So, the message for Tuesday is to get off your duff and LIVE today like the Universe is at your beck and call. ‘Cause it is.


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