Tuesday Start your Engines of COOL…

Ok, I’ve got a big day today, so let’s get things rolling quick. We know Hybrids are out there, but did you know some are wicked cool like this Veritas RS3 Roadster Hybrid? Not much on passengers, but you can strap them to the top pretty easily.

Then there’s art by the infamous Boris Vallejo, The Floow Bike, The ROV Shooting Copter by Addictive RC, the Prometheus Ship you never saw and more art by Blonde. Again, you guys are creation beings doin’ the creation thing.

How can you create cool stuff today? Easy. Think about cool stuff. Think about WHAT YOU LIKE. About what you LOVE. It’s getting pointed out to you in every new moment. It’s everywhere! Become aware of it. Look for it. And be cool… 😉

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