2012 HONDA INSIGHT lands at the Fireball Pad…

What? Fireball’s rockin’ green? (Insert jiggley dance of green-ness…) Hold on… almost done.

There. Good to go.

That would be a big phat “yes.” The CAR WORLD IS CHANGING, folks! And driving cool cars included driving green, eco, electric, plug-in, poo-powered, camel turd turbine, Platypus Powered and my personal favorite… Chocolatte Turbo of Loooove. I especially like that one ’cause it screams chick magnet. And I get chicks like you wouldn’t believe!! I mean, they are crawling everywhere, the lil’ furry floundering fuzzballs. I even found one in my shoe the other day!

Wait. Hold on… Paused.

Oh yea, I’m writing!!! Lost myself for a second with visions of Alien Chicks attacking my car. Is that weird? Ok, whatever… Green means GO! Heard that somewhere. Like in a movie or something. You know, where the alien attacks and the Honda Insight fights back with an arsenal of green power and vegan burgers. Wait. Did you see that too, or did I dream that? It’s a mystery…


Ok, now I just heard a pop sound come from my left ear. And THAT means it’s time for coffee! Wupee!!!!

My review of the Insight coming soon. Get on board the ChickWagon ’cause this train ain’t stoppin’ for NO ONE!!

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