Wednesday brings COOLNESS with the 2014 Vette?

Wups. Not really, but… it could be. Although the above concept was done in anticipation of the 2014 Vette coming, it may not actually be the final design. But it is… cool. And THAT, my fine freaky friends is why it’s on the FTblog. Who cares if they can’t get it together just yet. For you… I give you the daily dose of dastardly dynamite. So…

Behold… Art by The Crow God, Cannondale’s new CERV Bike, a PowerRod by Chris Matthews, more art by Andrei Pervukhin and the Audi RSQ from iRobot.

Today is humpday. And to get over the hump requires expectation. Expect the rest of the week to be good and it will be, for most. But you have to focus on what’s good and ignore what’s not. Train you mind like to train your body. Go to the Mental Gym and work them puppies. Soon, you’ll be pumped with coolness… Boink!

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