COOL DESIGN hits like a Saturday…

Now, we’re talking design news of the day! Although the SMARTcar has been around a while, the finished product is never like the concepts. But this new SMART FORSTARS is headed to the Paris Auto Show looking razz-daddy. That’s Greek for Niiiiiicccceeeee…..

The coolness never ends here at the cusp of the future, the FTBlog. So, it is with gracious intent that I lay down the Saturday Concepts of Cool starting with MovieBabeArt by Chris Bourassa, the ICARE Hybrid Yacht by Mael Oberkampf, the Bloodhound 1000mph Rocket Car, more DanceArt by Cristiano Siqueria and a final Wicked Ferrari Concept.

Prosperity comes through the Creative Process. So get creative about how you can be in tune with it. Think prosperity and prosperity comes. Think cool cars… and voila! Have a great Saturday, folks!

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