Feast your Wednesday COOL with crazy CONCEPTS…

Wednesday is usually a day of transition. You’re closer to the end of the week than the beginning. And that’s a good thing. But for me, the goal is to bring you closer to what’s awesome. And there’s nothing better than looking towards a positive future.

So, today we start with the GRAVITON by Benjamin Louis. A great design and I look forward to driving it when I’m 11o. Then, there’s MovieBabeArt by Arnold Tsang, a shot from LOOPER, the DREDD Lawmaster Bike, my friend Mr. TomatoWorm from our garden, another concept by Shane Baxley, a great PoochPal and finally, the filmcar from SKYFALL. A Defender I’d rock to the Market.

Why do I show you these? Because positive visions of the future bring us positive outlooks for today. Stay focused on today’s task of bringing yourself a perfect day. You can do it. It’s how it works, baby, so spread the Love.

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