CLEOPATRA Exhibit opens as Shuttle flies by…

There I was, minding my own business as we entered into the parking lot of the Museum of Science an Industry in Downtown LA. I parked as usual, but being as I am, I’m always on the hunt of what’s cool around me. And working with the Universe… I GET cool stuff. And today was no different as I grabbed my wife, Pop and bud Christopher from 37Degree Filters and headed out to see the new Cleopatra Exhibit.

But what awaited us was awesome…

We park, grabbed an elevator up into the main parking lot to see hoards of people gathered and looking up. “What the heck is this?” I thought as a woman past us saying “Ten minutes!! Only ten minutes!” And I’m like… “What, until the next elevator?”

No, dummy. Ten minutes before the Space Shuttle Endeavor FLEW RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS!!!! And I’m like… “whoa.”

I grabbed my camera, snagged our tickets for the show and then… looked up to see THIS!

I nearly lost my lunch. Or maybe soiled my shorts… if I was wearing shorts. Which I wasn’t, so don’t freak. But I snapped like a mad fiend and get some of the best shots I could. A once in a lifetime op, and we walked right into it by accident. Doosh.

Now, I knew it was coming to LA as a permanent exhibit at the Museum, but I was more focused on seeing it on the street around the 10th. Not this. But, like I said… Coolness Comes to the Fireball and that’s just the way it is.

SO! We head into the Egypt Thang and saw old stuff. Serious old stuff. And it was awesome… again. (My kid’s book will be selling in the gift shop come February and I’m stoked about that!) Then, we went to see the MYSTERIES OF EGYPT in Imax.

Go. Be. Have Fun. Then watch as coolness comes in tidal waves of loooove. I’M OUT!

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