TOYOTA RAV4 EV bows it’s head in Malibu…

Went up into town today to discover that the new 2013 TOYOTA RAV4 EV and several other models were in support of the Malibu Music Festival. And after an awesome convo with the Toyota team, Kathie got really excited about the fact that she may have discovered what her next car may be.

Having a 100 mile range on this EV, it’s a perfect car for the Bu, our pooches, Surfboards, Kayaks, Yacht, Steamship and my personal favorite toy… my own Cruise Ship. (Ok, so maybe I’m thinking a bit too big, BUT!) The 2013 RAV4 EV is an awesome car, being an EV SUV, duh. So… if I got one, it would be FT’s EV SUV in the BU. OK.

So, with that thought… I needed to pimp one right away and make it the ultimate beach vehicle. Case in point, what happens when Fireball gets a hold of a new car? It gets cool. Slightly bigger wheels, tints and the Ocean treatment makes this the “RAV4 SURGE.”

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