Malibu’s “John’s Garden” goes all out to be the BEST

John’s Garden Sandwich Shop is an icon here in Malibu. Not only has it been here a long time, but the food has never changed other than get better. But, as we enter the future, change is a constant, so there’s a chance that what you love today may not be there tomorrow. That’s a fact with many places, but not with this shop…

According to the spritely new owner Boyan Kinov, the things that make JG great will not only improve, but he has some secret surprises to make your lunch experience even better. And I mean SECRET…

About ten yeras ago, Boyan was hired as a humble cashier at JG right off the heels of being a delivery boy and fresh from Bulgaria. He didn’t know the language very well, but was eager to work in Paradise. His persistence and detremination paid off when John (then owner) bumped him to Manager about 4 years later. Then, 3 years after that… WHAM!! Boyan became the new owner.

After knowing Boyan for some time, and since he’s a car guy like me, I can tell you that he loves what he does… and it shows. Kathie and I frequent JG whenever we get the chance, which is a lot. The reason being… JUST LOOK AT THOSE SANDWICHES, BABY!

Not only are they huge, but Boyan gave us the opportunity to have lunch for two days because they were so big! And that we did, taking our second halves to Latigo Beach the next day.

There are a lot of great places to eat here in the Bu, but my favorite lunch place has always been John’s Garden. Choices are endlesss, and I’m so happy to see someone take it over who’s passion emulates John’s original concept of “the best service possible.” It also helps that the people that keep up Cross Creek are constantly improving the surroundings and making it more beautiful.

Head to JG’s for lunch and tell Boyan I sent you. Maybe he’ll make a Fireball Special with Jalapenos? But my money’s always on the Phoney Baloney. Good job, Boyan!!

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