Fireball’s Daily COOL… Havin’ a baby!

No, not me, you silly… Acura. ACURA is having a baby,… maybe. (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

That is, Acura may be creating an NSX smaller version as seen here. And that’s cool because I LIKE IT! Boom, Done, Thank you, whameee. And if they do, it’s goin’ in my garage, right between my  handmade glass pea-shooter and my Carbon Fiber Washer. Just to be clear…

PLUS, Art by by Mauricio Herrera, The ARK HOTEL BIOSPHERE, ‘Gangster Squad’ Director Gears Up for SPY HUNTER featuring this awesome ride, Assemble Art by Mark Bagley, an LA House that looks like it will take off any second and new Concept for the LOTUS 7! Whew!

Gotta love it. And I love you guys! Keep the COOL today by giving to others. A smile, a kind word, a good gesture. Help me in “Making the Planet Cool.” See you tomorrow!

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