Design Review: The 2012 CHEVY EQUINOX LTZ

In 1955, Walt Disney built Disneyland. And with it, several people movers. They’d whisk guests around the park in style and let them marvel at cool stuff. It was futuristic, comfortable and safe.

Well, this is 2012. And although many of those rides are now antiquated, the 2012 CHEVROLET EQUINOX LTZ isn’t. It’s futuristic. It’s safe. It shows you the marvels of the world. But there’s something more to this car…

Sure, like many SUVs, it does all the things that an SUV does. But there’s something humble about this 182hp mover that says you don’t have to show off to get to where you’re going. It’s a sort of humility machine that keeps you grounded and relaxed. This is not what Chevy is known for. Horsepower, top speeds, action. These are the moniker of Chevy… at least until I drove this.

Chevy has gone through some changes. And with these changes has come balance. Understanding their buyers and giving them what they want to feel, not just what they want.  Those that would purchase this car are humble people, trying to live life the best they can for themselves and their families. Isn’t that what Disney wanted? A safe place for families to have fun?

The Equinox comes with everything pretty much and has a stable 17/24mpg range at a sub $32K price tag. And the design is well executed, clean inside and out, and comfortable. I especially like the interior color treatment choices. At least until the kids drop their ice cream or the dog has “an accident.” Those things happen, but the Equinox is a car fully prepared for just about anything.

There’s another thing about this year’s model. The trim is more luxo than you need. And that makes you feel just slightly more confident. It isn’t you, but a better you. The you, you want to be. And it’s all about feeling, as we know. There’s a bit of Cadillac luxo and a bit of Camaro strength, but it gives you a humble view of the world. That feeling when you know everything’s ok.

The 2012 CHEVY EQUINOX LTZ does the thing. In the way that Disney did his thing. There were no cut corners because of budget. No poor use of materials. No skimping on flavors, textures and sounds. Isn’t that the way all car companies should be to us?

Thank God at least one is.

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