Fireball’s Daily Cool… HydroLeMANS to Hurricane MINI

Yikes! Not sure you’re gonna be able to handle the cool factor on this one… unless, you :ACCEPT: your destiny as an AGENT OF COOL. So, let’s take the pledge…

“I pledge allegiance to the Cool… and will do whatever it takes to spread it over the globe like Nutella on Toast.”

There, …now you’re in. Doosh.

NOW CHECK OUT THE COOLNESS like this Hydrogen Electric Green GT H2 LeMans Racecar! Plus, Art by Adriana Gerasimova, Cityscape by Torstein Nordstrand, awesome Futuristic Grand Piano by Peugeot Design Lab, the Ultimate Star Wars Bike Chase, more Art by Mauricio Herrera and my C5 Project with MINI.

Enjoy your new-found freedom with the AOC. (Agents of Cool, duh.) It’s our Secret Society, so don’t tell ANYONE. Unless, they ask, of course. Then send ’em here and I’ take ’em through the pledge thingy.


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