Fireball’s Daily COOL with new EXPENDABLES!

Ok, so it was clear that Gina Carano was the first pick for the new female version of THE EXPENDABLES. But now, Battlestar Galactica’s KATEE SACKOFF has joined the force to kick rump roast. She’ll be cool ’cause she knows how to pull a trigger and eliminate the opposition. Unless,… that’s me. And that would suck, ’cause I’m just a skinny dood from Malibu.

PLUS! More of today’s coolness featuring Tron Concept Art by Vaughan Ling, a crazy-ass house called LA MANSION, a Classic Royal Endfield Bike and a Stark Industries Light Cycle!

Saturday is for fun. Wait… EVERY DAY is supposed to be fun, but Saturday is special. So, have Ice Cream today ’cause you can. And see how many times you can say Good Morning with a smile. DO IT! It will change your day.

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