Fireball’s Daily COOL with the 2014 Mustang?

Is this the 2014 Ford Mustang? Well, it’s the closest we spies have found so far and it looks… well, like a Mitsubishi or something. WHAT? Let’s send out the vibration to Ford that they need to do something a bit more unique, otherwise, it’ll go on my other site, The Daily LAME. But I have faith in them…

BUT! We have other serious coolness today like the EXAGON FURTIVE eGT CONCEPT, MovieBabe by Kelly Futerer, more of Stark Industries LIGHTCYCLES, a VOLTAGE Retro Chopper Electric Bike and to finish off… a STEAMPUNK PREDATOR HELMET!

Yea, that just awesome in a whole alien sorta way, right?

Who’s in the driver’s seat today? YOU ARE! Make Sunday the best by GIVING. It’s the LAW and brings forth all things good back to you. My sincerest good thoughts to you on this ridiculously cool Sunday!

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