Last Night’s GIFT…

Coming home after seeing the show TAKEN 2 (…which was fun, btw), Kathie and I stopped at the Bu to watch some surfing, talk to friends and then head back to the pad. And this is the gift we got when we arrived home. Gratitude, in it’s most extreme form, cannot be expressed enough when you experience something like this.

Some will say, “oh, that’s just a sunset. Big deal.” And I would say to them that they aren’t seeing what I’m seeing. The sun isn’t going down. Our tiny world is turning… and each sunset, every day, is different. It gives peace, joy, beauty, love and prosperity all wrapped in the sky. Sitting for more than just a minute will not reveal this. Take it in for as long as it lasts and put EVERYTHING else on hold. Use your will power to do this and the gift comes. It truly is THE DAILY COOL.

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