Fireball’s Daily COOL… MINI Paceman is GO!

Okay, so some of you may know that I’ve done a couple of MINIs in the past. And they’re great cars. But nobody does MINI better than MINI and that is evidenced in the new PACEMAN that’s coming soon. It’s a BIG MINI, but not too big. Although bigger than a MINI. And that being said, I have no idea what that means or exactly how BIG it really is. So let’s think about this for a moment…

Okay, that was long enough. My noggen is starting to overheat. Let’s just do the inspired DAILY COOL, shall we?

BOOM! How about MovieBabe Art by Kinggainer, my Fireball Seedling Chocolate Cupcakes, the World’s Fastest Stroller, more Stealthy Art by Ed Natividad and round it out with Futuristic City Art by Wang Rui. Yup. The coolness has a cometh.

Heading to my Publisher today to get an update on my new kid’s book. Excited. But, I can get excited about anything because life is awesome. It’s a gift every day to get up and see it, so be grateful you do… and watch your life become what it supposed to be. Wonderful.

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