Fireball’s Daily COOL gets ready for Vegas…

Yes, the SEMA Show. Ther’ll be some cool contraptions revealed at SEMA this year like this HYUNDAI VELOCITY CONCEPT. And they WILL be cool, unless you drink too much while you’re out there. (I won’t have to worry about that unless it’s YooHoos.) But rest assured, the show’s gonna be off the shalamamabing-bang.

What else is COOL today, you ask? How about crazy matrixy Movie Babe Art by Tomasz Miazga, the SEMA Focus ST, awesome Pedal Architecture, Swiss Earth Hobbit Houses and Exo-Flame-O Classic that’s HOT!

Words have power. And we use them. But to use them consciously and with intention to create good is the secret. A good word brings forth a good thing, so talk peace and be extra nice today.

It’s COOL to be KIND and UNCOOL to be a JERK. Use your will and BE COOL.

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