Watch! Historical Shuttle Journey through LA in TIME LAPSE

This will give you the chills, watching the Shuttle makes its way through LA. Why? Because if you realize it celebrates man’s achievement and what we are capable of, you’ll appreciate that even though it was a mission that was only over the last 20 years, we are now capable of SO MUCH MORE.

Landing a rover the size of a MINI Cooper on Mars is undeniably an almost unbelievable feat. It’s easy to criticize man for his mistakes and that takes no effort, but when I see things like this Shuttle in the flesh, I become so proud of us as a race. Not as Americans, but as what we truly are as People. Makes me believe that the sky’s the limit for myself and all of us. If we choose. And we can.

Mission 26 The Big Endeavour from Givot on Vimeo.

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