Fireball’s Daily COOL heads from France to Russia

Yea, I’m just a travelin’ fool in the Daily COOL. Today, we start out in Paris with the INTERESTING Tronatic Everia Concept. It’s wild, although a bit funkeeee. But funky is what I do here, being the DC on the not so down low, eh?

PLUS! Awesome killer MovieBabe Art by Terry Taylor, the TT New Generation Chopper Bike by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut, the all new Iron Patriot from IRON MAN 3, a Killer Whale Personal Sub, some wild Architecture at a Georgia Border Crossing and finally more Art by Velinov.

I’m grateful today for my pups. They bring me love and fun. And they love the beach like nothing I’ve ever seen. Especially swimming in the tide-pools. It brings me joy to see them happy. And because I’m grateful, I guarantee to always get more. Hammer home the gratitude today folks! Then watch in awe as more comes…

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