CLOUD ATLAS The Fireball Report…

Yea, just what you need. Another review of this movie to help you decide whether you should see it or not, right? If what I say has some bearing on your movie going tendency, then you’ll either say “Whatever, Mr. Fireball” or “Hm, I should check that shit out!”

Well, this is a sticky situation for sure because CLOUD ATLAS is not for everyone. Sure, it’s got action, babes, chase scenes, fights, more babes, spacey looking cool vehicles and everything you’d expect from the Wachowskis. But with this “slight” modification…

The movie is intelligent. For those that wish to ponder existence and ask themselves why they’re here. Anyone can go to this and say, “Man, I didn’t understand any of this. It was crap.” Easy enough. But,… I’m going to challenge you with something.

I DARE you to go to this movie with an open mind and a desire for growth within yourself. I DARE you to sit through all three hours. I DARE you to come out of it and not immediately BASH it, but allow it’s message to permeate you. DON’T take the easy road and go straight to criticism before you let what this film has to say swirl within you and muster you up.

The performances were eager and challenging for all the actors. The direction was as top level as the “Directors” were capable. The script was far more challenging than anything written in the last decade, whether you understand it or not. But, as I said, if you allow it to slow-stream through you, you’ll come to know it’s message. And that is… that the nature of what we do and think today is a road-map of our tomorrows. By being kind or being selfish, we set the tone of our future in every new moment.

See it to become better than you currently are. See it and be the change you want to see in the world.

See it, because it’s the cool thing to do.

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