COSPLAY MovieBabes that will hurt you…

Wow, has Cosplay taken off like crazy. And having been around my wife Kathie for as long as I have with her building incredible costumes for the movies, the work that goes into some of these are overwhelming. All for a Comic Book Show! But that’s the power of passion. The only way to do things well is to GET INTO THE SPIRIT of it. But what does that mean?

Getting into the Spirit of a thing means to enter into the “nature of the thought.” Excitement in your MIND means the result will be exciting. And the process is exciting. If you have to do something you don’t want, then just get into it. Commit to it being the BEST you can do and pour your love into it. Then, watch what happens. It’ll turn from dull to cool in no time.

Now, feast your eyes on the potential pain. 😉

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