PADDLEBOARDING is far more fun than it looks…

Yesterday, Kathie and I headed to MALIBU SURF SHACK with our kids Sean and Isla (Sean’s squeeze) to grab some Paddleboards for a few hours of relaxed, glass gliding outdoor fun. And it was just that. The doods and doodettes at the shack are a blast at what they do and make your experience loads of fun. Plus, there’s all kinds of other cool stuff there. So, we grabbed 4 boards down to the water, glided into the calm sea and whispered out along the pier to start.

Kayaking is fun, but it’s not Paddleboarding. Balancing is easy because the boards are huge and your perspective of things, being standing, is so much better. You can see 20-30 feet down as you woosh past the seaweed, fishies and the Malibu Colony. It’s relaxing, easy… and if you do fall off, you can climb back on in a jiff.

In the same way that if you go from skiing to snowboarding and have a good time, you don’t ever go back to skiing…. Kayaking is to Paddleboarding. It’s just so much more fun that you can’t wait to do it again.

Plus, it’s a tremendous gift to those that have never been. A very unexpected wonder that by definition, brings people together and puts them right in with nature. We even got right up against a huge Seal that what trying to have his way with some bird buddies with no luck. But Paddleboarding is an awesome first date activity, too.

And the best place to start is the MALIBU SURF SHACK right next to the pier here in the Bu. Tell ’em you heard it from me and Sean (the Owner-dood) may give you some extra time on the board. Believe me, it’s worth it.

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