Off to SEDONA: DAY 1

Well technically, we were off to MESA, Arizona first… where we landed at a La Quinta Hotel because they were the only ones who allowed dogs. For free, no less. They even went swimming in the pool. Cha.

But the 6+ hour drive was a jiff, thanks to the Cayenne, but I’ll get into that in a minute. We left about 9am and hit a wee bit of LA traffic, but once outside, it was free streaming through the desert. Although hitting just about every rest stop due to too much coffee. And then there was nothing. I mean nada.

The drive to Phoenix is like driving through Texas. Barren. And it makes you think about the buckboards and covered wagon Porsches back then. 😉 How the hell did they do that and not d.i.e.? Well, a lot of them did. But, that’s where gratitude comes in. Had they not braved the elements for us, we would not get to enjoy the country like we do today. Thanks, guys. We’re in your debt to share it with the world.

CAYENNE UPDATE: This 2013 model is an extremely comfortable long hauler, although the cops seem to really like the dark red color. I got followed and drafted several times and thought that my moments were numbered since it’s all too easy to hit 90 without noticing it. It took about 300 miles for me to finally figure out the Cruise Control ’cause the sneaky little buttons are in hiding somewhat. But once I did, it was a whole new level of awesome.

The Cruise Control not only sets your mph, if someone pulls in front of you, it slows down and keeps it’s distance. Whoa! Then speeds back up to your original setting when they move out of the way. One big step towards autonomous driving. Good job, boyeees…

Several folks asked what it was like to drive and one ol’ timer even asked me “What the hell is that, son?” Well, we did go through the desert. But one lady I let get in the driver’s seat and she nearly had a cardiac arrest. She said she and her husband had two 911s and were deciding whether to get the Cayenne or not. This was the deciding factor, for sure and even asked me if I wanted to sell it. I said no. I had too, otherwise be stuck in the desert with Jimmy Hoffa, right?

A/C was rockin’ the whole way, performance was slick and ergonomics are near perfect. The IP/dash looks a bit like the tail end of a futuristic Caddy, but it’s really cool. I adjusted the seat so high that I felt I was in a hi-chair for good visibility. But Kathie chose the low position and she looked like a little kid I was taking for ice cream. Fireball Pop, in the back, just sat there in anticipation. He’s never been to Sedona OR The Grand Canyon. Boy, is he in for a treat…

Up next? Up to Sedona today and red rock country…

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