Off to SEDONA: Day 3

Huge day today. Headed out early to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. A church partially concepted by Frank Lloyd Wright, we wanted to see it before anyone got there. So, with our coffee in hand, we got there just as the sun came up and it was stunning.

Now, not being a religious dood myself and a more spiritual type, I went simply because of its beautiful. As most churches are. But the simplicity of this place was overwhelming. Built in 1956, it’s stood the test of time here in Sedona as a statement of grandeur.

Then it was off to some shopping in town where there was pretty much everything. Even doods with gun in holsters walking around. Thought I’d get on his good side, so I bought him an ice cream along with the pups.

CAYENNE UPDATE: In the middle of the day, we decided to head up Shnebly Road to the top. And although you wouldn’t dream of doing something like this in a Porsche, the Cayenne is an altogether different kind of beast. In the 4X mode and lifted several inches, the Cayenne had no problem rolling the dirt road and seeing the sites. Impressive. The key to offroad fun in a regular car is taking your time. And this 4 mile loop is a breeze at about 10mph. Rocks and dirt are smooth, and when we were done, the car dropped back into its “slammed” position and we headed for lunch at the Creekside Cafe. What a champ this car is…

Tomorrow? The Grand Canyon…


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