Off to Sedona… Grand Canyon and now home…

Wow, what an amazing adventure…

Too much going on to be able to write this morning about yesterday, but since I’m back now… I can hit it. Left Sedona with some parting shots north through Flagstaff and into the Grand Canyon South Rim. Found some Navajo Trading Posts on the way in for gifts and some fingered views of canyon fractures. It was cool.

Got to the South Rim about 2pm for lunch at Bright Angel. The views were spectagulariffic and since Fireball Pop had never been there, he was overwhelmed. It took a veggie burger and a chocolate cake to calm him down. But at this point, he was getting pretty tired. Trips are tough for anyone, but he’s a trooper at 84 and knows how to do the business.

After Grand Canyon, Kingman on Route 66 was the stopping point for a bite and snooze. Not a great place, but there really isn’t much heading through the Mojave. And after a night of listening to truckers shoot the shit until 11, we were wiped.

This morning, we climbed in the Cayenne and headed the 400 mile trip home. Glad to be back in the Bu.

CAYENNE UPDATE: Croozing at about 100 is an easy feat at 5am in the darkness of the desert. But the Cayenne is quiet as a sleeping magpie and stealthed Route 66 like a champ. Averaged about 20mph all the way. Watched several guys come out of a Starbucks later on, all trying to guess what the car was, standing dumbfounded. Stunned when they found out it was a Porsche. Last guy said… “Now I know what to sell my stock for…”

Full review of the Cayenne this week with unbelievable photos. You can’t take a bad shot with this GTS in Sedona. Worthy of a Porsche Calendar. I’d love to say I was a good photodood, but it’s this awesome ride!

And since I’m back, expect COOLNESS to begin tomorrow morning… again. Yeehaawww!!!!

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