Why hasn’t anyone Pimp’d a Pacer yet?

Are these cars really too hard to find? Not really… In fact, you can find them on Ebay for about $3K. So, why haven’t we seen a Pacer having been tuned at a car show or SEMA? Do you think it’s about time? 😉

I’m not talking about putting a HEMI in or creating a 600hp Muscle Pacer. I’m talkin’ Japanese tuned, slammed and drifted. Now is the age of doing something unique. Anyone can add a body kit to a 240 or Skyline and make it look cool, but there were about 2000 Mustangs at SEMA and 3000 Camaros the year before. C’mon. Think out of the box, peeps.

Get your creativity groove on and pimp something different. In this case, the more rare, the cheaper. Find a car that nobody wanted and then make it cool.

You never know… We may want to drive it on my show.

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