Are days getting BETTER?

They are if you BELIEVE they are. And what does that mean?

Having a positive outlook on life doesn’t just bring a smile. It actually MANIFESTS good things. You have to know that. You have to BELIEVE that. And then… watch it happen. It’s cool and fun.

Thanksgiving was a joy because we were all together. Almost all of us. My Mom’s gone now, a brother in Vegas and another brother passed about 20 years ago. But those that could, made it and those that could not were there in spirit. Plus, we had our newcomer Alexa, who loves dessert… as you can see here. A great drive up the coast to Santa Barbara to my sisters and then we chowed, Mexican style. Yes, a Mexican Thanksgiving.

I didn’t eat too much this time due to the fact that I’ve been working out in prep for… um, wups. Almost gave it away. 😉

Hope everyone had a safe and joyous time… and now… LET CHRISTMAS BEGIN!!!

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