LAAS Update! CHEVY Pre-Party reveals 3 awesome teasers…

This morning, I was invited to Chevy’s Pre-Party for their 3 LAAS (LA Auto Show) reveals. All were awesome, but the SPARK hit me like an EV brick!

First off though, the new IMPALA is slick. A great design in red with some cool cues. I’ll be reviewing that early next year. But then… there was the SONIC in metallic black which premiered their new SIRI system. Yep, you heard it right. Chevy and Apple have teamed up to get Siri to respond through your steering wheel. And yes, Android users, too.A first for ANY car.

But the EV SPARK was the hit. Although it won’t be in Dealerships until June, the 1/2 charge on this puppy is 12 minutes! That means you can charge to the half way point in only a dozen minutos. A full charge, although Chevy won’t specify, will be as good or better than the Nissan Leaf. Boom, Done. Outta my way to the Spark, baby.

More coming…

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