UPDATE! LA Auto Show reveals slick new cars…

Lots of new reveals today via LAAS Press Days. I’ll be breaking them down due to the fact that there were an insane amount of cool new cars. This first set is the highlights…

Great stuff from Chevy with the Spark EV. 13 new models coming from them as of January 13th, starting with the Vette. The RAV4 from Toyota, MINI’s new GP, Jag’s new Cabrio, incredible sculpture from Aston Martin (in and out) plus Bond’s original DB5 (Full size and a model), plus a cool new ride from Campagna Motors that I sat in.

Met up with friends Mike Musto of Big Muscle and Tim Whitcome. Insane car guys and addicted to shiny metal.

Tomorrow, exclusive look at Porsche’s new Cayman and CONCEPTS.

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