CHICAGO parting shots from Museum of Science and Industry…

Su Casa

The last day in Chicago was filled with new things. I’ve been there many times, but as a rule, I always have to try to do something new, even if it means getting on a bus for half an hour in any direction possible. And after the previous night at Su Casa (A great Mexican Joint in Downtown), we grabbed an early bus and headed south. Where?

Museum of Science and Industry

In 1893, Chicago celebrated it’s World Columbian Exposition. The World’s Fair. A first in Chicago. It was, and still is, the most spectacular in my opinion. So many inventions were created for this fair, including the light bulb, that “The White City” became emblazoned in history.

Museum of Science and Industry

The only building left was the Palace of Fine Arts which is now the Museum of Science and Industry, filled with all kinds of cool stuff. Including, the Wright Brother’s Kitty Hawk original flyer. But we also his the Peanuts Exhibit with about 40 Christmas Trees from around the globe. The place was enormous and filled with tremendous history. But alas, only two hours later we were on a plane to LA.

Museum of Science and Industry

Be sure to check this place out the next time you’re there. And if all goes well, my new Book will be in the Museum Store! Sweet!

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