Reasons to DRIVE SAFELY for the Holidays… duh.


Do I really need to tell you to drive safely? I mean, really. Unless you’re answer is “No, Fireball. I got it handled,” then you can stop reading this and go back to your carmel-clustered cinnamon bearclaw with chocolate sprinkles and vanilla latte.

…What? What do you mean that’s NOT what you’re eating? Wha… I… Bu…. I’M FLABBERGASTED!!!!

Well, that changes things then. You better listen up, right now mister!! Or… missy.

Driving safely means BEING PRESENT. That’s it. No, not like the presents that ‘ol St. Nick brings ya, but like being “IN THE MOMENT” present. And surprise… that’s the secret to most things. Actually… EVERYTHING.

Being present means paying attention. It means giving people space to do what they need to do. It means keeping control of your mind, and if you can do that, you’ll solve EVERY problem you have in life.

Is this sinking in? Maybe. But let’s go a lil’ deeper for a sec, shall we?

100% of accidents on PCH and everywhere else comes from people not paying attention to what they are doing. They Make-up…ing, Cell Phone…ing, Eat…ing, Thinking. But not thinking about what they are doing. They’re thinking about yesterday, tomorrow, last night, next week, bills, jerks, mother-in-laws, whatever. And that “thought-power” is only bringing more of the same. You know this, right? You know that your thoughts have power? And YOU, are the ChoiceMaster.

When you drive, try this. CHOOSE to look around and see beauty. See it until you “feel it.” CHOOSE to think about those you love for the holidays and ignore those you don’t. You’ll see them soon enough. They don’t have to monopolize your mind, too! CHOOSE to think WHAT YOU WANT to think. And the best part of that… is that it brings more of those things. GOOD THINGS.

Ok, so you can ignore all this and go get a bearclaw, sure. Or, you can drive safely and be present. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

And share that gift with others by GIVING them room. If someone needs to speed, let them. If someone wants to yell, let them. Ignore all this and get back to “Making your life a Weekend.” It’s the Malibu Way…

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