Fireball scithers a 2013 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT…

Again, it’s about the feeling with cars. I sound like a broken record sometimes, but the fact remains that like us, cars have individual personalities. It’s an assemblage of the talents of the individuals who created them. An aggregation. Like an Avengers movie… only not really like that and I don’t really know why I used that as a reference… other than it sounded cool.


But in the case of the 148hp 2013 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT, the clearest concept I can convey for this lil’ smokster is that it’s like a shark. A calm shark. And this was unexpected for a rather simple little car. Not that it’s going to chow down on your ugly 70’s VW, but in the way it moves. This version, being an automatic, the Elantra GT is not the kind of vehicle that jerks you side to side or up an down. I found this red rocket to be surprisingly smooth, as if gliding (Shark reference #1).

Body roll, pitch and yaw are all things that we become accustomed to as we drive our vehicular contraptions, but this Volcanic Red version was virtually absent in that area. It slithered and weaved between traffic like it was on a mission, giving no concern to what other cars are doing. (Like how a Shark gives no thought to fishies on their daily chores.) It just takes care of business, easily and direct. That is, until…


Yes, that’s right. The Elantra GT has another side as well. The snappy side. And again, surprising from a little car like this. When needed the 148 horses kick in and it manages to weave through situations, sight unseen. I… was just along for the ride.

The seats are comfortable, the instruments clear and the NAV easy to read.  The ergonomics were well placed with good vision all around and the dual pane sunroof was cool.  Space in the back was cavernous with the seats folded down with plenty of room for extra chum. (Although, albeit a bit messy…)

Now, what’s it really like to ride on the back of a shark? Well, that depends on whether the shark has chosen to let you ride or not. Lucky for me, this one did. And I got to see my town in a unique way, being with intention and clarity. But one thing more…

It made me appreciate Hyundai at a level that I previously didn’t. Not to say that I didn’t like them, but I actually really like them now, having driven more or less one of the simplest versions. And I appreciate not being bit in the process.

At 27/37mpg and about $18K, this glider sips rather than chomps, slices rather than tears and intimidates through clarity rather than blindly attacking. A bold runner that was built for inner city carving and outskirts hunting… for Starbucks, that it.  (They just opened one in the Marianis Trench, I heard.)

Keep going, Hyundai. Keep this up and eyebrows will be lifting in respect. And if not, you can always bite them in the…

2013-Hyundai-Elantra-GT-Rear-Angle  Elantra1  Elantra3  Elantra5 Elantra6 Elantra7 Screen shot 2012-11-16 at 6.08.41 AM shark_2271812a

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