Why things were DOWN yesterday…


If you came to Fireball Tim yesterday, you may have noticed that the site was down for a time. With a message that said ACCOUNT SUSPENDED! Well, I did. And when I saw that, I near soiled my big baggie white drawers. (Good visual, huh…)

But, alas… after I stopped my mind from monkeying around as to what the problem was, I closed my eyes and focused quietly. “What’s the best thing to do here to make all this work out perfectly?” And zip… the thought came to me to ask my webmaster, Don Burnside. MASTER of the Web. The SINSTER of Sites. The LORD of the Webland. The DOOD of d’Internet!

And the message was right. Turns out… it’s all YOUR fault! Yep. YOU guys are coming to FT.com so much that it’s forcing me to consider an upgrade in bandwidth. And for that, I’m grateful.

Many of you are starting to get the picture that seeing fun stuff on the web is actually… fun. You don’t have to spend your time looking at Cat Videos, Bad News and Destruction… but you can see “THE COOL.” And that’s why FT.com is…


This is about you guys and what you want from CARS, MOVIES and THE FUNNY. Thanks for forcing me to expand. To grow. To get BIG. I’ll keep moving forward and making things better, promise. And you???

You keep making your lives a weekend. Just be cool and watch the coolness come in droves. Padachaching…

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