COOL RIDES of the week starts with the SKYLINE HYBRID! Mr. Happy Godzilla.

2013 Nissan GTR Hybrid?

Ok, which one is going in my garage? Um… that would be ALL, thank you Santa. But below are the Best of the Week here at Why? Because design coolness is what I cover along with other things like… pretty much anything that’s cool, I guess. Not that complicated…

BEHOLD! The 2013 Nissan GTR Hybrid, Alpine Concept by Hans Steen, Bugatti TypeZero, C-Segment Concepts by Brian Malczewski, a Camaro Performance Concept, the Ferrari Quattroporte Concept, a Quoros Concept and the Volkswagen Rocky Study. Big question is… which one do I take out next?

Alpine Concept by Hans Steen Bugatti TypeZero C-Segment Concept by Brian Malczewski1 C-Segment Concept by Brian Malczewski2 Camaro Performance Concept Ferrari Quattroporte Concept Quoros Concept Volkswagen Rocky Study

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