Day Trip in the VERANO lands us at THE BILTMORE on Downtown…


Out testing the 2013 BUICK VERANO GT, we landed today at The Millenium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown again.

Decided to check out the Ice Rink at Pershing Square (which was lame compared to Chicago), then walked across to the hotel for some joe. Been a long time since I was at this hotel, last time being when we filmed CLOCKSTOPPERS. Remember the scene that was a Convention and you’ll recognize the room with the stairs.

The Biltmore is famous for two things. Actually, a lot more, but let’s just focus on two. That being the original Academy Awards (See the old photo? Can you recognize the circled doods?) and the fact that Guruji Paramahansa Yogananda dropped dead there. Boom. Lights out, baby. No worries. It was his plan.

Also spotted this slick 65 Mustang in the garage.

DSC08873 DSC08874 DSC08876 DSC08877 DSC08878 DSC08879 DSC08883 DSC08885  DSC08893

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