Here comes the 2014 CORVETTE…


So much has been stated about the upcoming 2014 CORVETTE, and now with the patent drawings revealed, everyone pretty much knows what it looks like. Or do they?

It’s one thing to see a drawing, but as we know being car guys and girls, it’s something different to actually see it on the road. Even being at an auto show is a different experience. But the reflections of every day life on the side of a new car captures the “real” feeling of what a new car brings. And until the VETTE hits the streets, we’ll only get a glimpse as to what’s really been done.

I, for one. am looking forward to what Chevy has prepared for Vette enthusiasts and anyone wanting a rocket in their garage. It’s gonna be a brand new day for sports cars… something even the Apocalypse couldn’t stop. But it better come in pink, or I’m in trouble…


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