CAFE GRATITUDE serves up the best in the biz…


Along with cool cars, Kathie and I get out to eat quite a bit. But being vegetarians, there’s limits and still is in Malibu. But now, there’s an abundance of places that serve not only great veggie stuff, it’s beyond belief in quality. (Although, still not in Malibu as far as being and entirely vegetarian place.) …Note to Vegetarian restaurants… we want in.

Santa Monica is filled with cool places like the Veggie Grill, The Vegan Joint and the Golden Mean that serve high quality food that not only tastes phenomenal, but is actually good for you.

And then… there’s Cafe Gratitude.

All organic Cafe Gratitude is a whole new level of good. And by the fact that the place was swamped, people know it. From main dishes like the “I Am Magical” Veggie Burger to the “I Am Opulent” drink which is just water with a drop of essential oil, (And when I say that all it needs is a drop, I’m not kidding!) to the Rice/Quinoa/Bean/Avocado Enchiladas that Kathie had were spectacular. The “I Amness” that is placed on the titles of every meal forces you to affirm something positive about what you’re about to receive, ie, being grateful.

But the flavors are not the only things that are incredible. The atmosphere overseen by part-owner Ryland Engelhart is heart warming, positive and energized. He and his team are committed to giving you their absolute best.

Do yourself a favor and find a Cafe Gratitude asap. San Francisco, LA and Missouri. Missouri? …Yes. Good healthy food is spreading like wildfire and their goal is to be the change. Enjoy! DSC08919 DSC08920 DSC08921 DSC08923 Untitled-1

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