Today’s Fireballer… Malibuite Jo V Cherkas

What is a Fireballer? Someone who’s doing their part to make a positive difference in the world, however small. But as we know, small things add up to greatness…

Case in point? Malibu’s Jo V Cherkas. Although fairly new in the Bu, Jo’s a Mom and currently works at CVS. And if you’re like me, going to CVS in the past could have been “challenging.” Although people do the best that they can, some stores offer that special something which can make shopping a bit more challenging than others. (I’m trying to state this as pleasantly as possible, but you get my drift…)


Enter Jo…

SNAP! When you come into CVS now, this woman is ALWAYS smiling. Always helpful and giving it her all. And that makes going to CVS for stuff I need like super dooper hold hair gel, q-tiplets, chocolate by the bucket and the occasional “As Seen on TV” doodad a much better shopping experience. People like Jo are rare and should be appreciated. Thus…

Today is Jo’s Birthday too, so help me to wish her the best day ever! I mean it people!!

Big thanks to Jo for being a true Malibuite. One who’s giving, warm, fun, smart and has a huge smile. And get to CVS for your stuff but make sure you get in her line. You’ll be glad you did because the real stars of Malibu aren’t necessarily on the silver screen.


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