What the HECK is goin’ on for Sunday? A CARtoon…


While the rest of the country is experiencing actual weather, Malibu is pretty much unchanged, although a lil’ bit rainy today, Sunday. Almost went Paddleboarding yesterday!

Looks like we may hit the Pasadena College Swap Meet today because Kathie is starting a new sculpture and she needs stuff. Plus, I can look for cars. The original Corgis and Dinky’s from the 60’s.

BOOK 2, secretly titled “Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Secret Stuff has actually turned into 2 books. So, by the end of the year Christmas, it looks like two will be launched. One for kids and one for adult kids.

CARS are in abundance this month due to car companies wanting me to check out their coolness. And I’m grateful. It’s a fun way to let you guys know how awesome some of them are and what it would be like to tool them around town. If I can help you make a decision, then let me know. Coming up this week is the KIA OPTIMA, then the FISKER, CADILLAC ATS and onto the PORSCHE 911 CABRIO starting next month.

SIGNINGS being scheduled this week… Goin’ to B&N to set it up, but there’s great stuff coming in Malibu, World Class Motoring in Agoura, Art Center College and more. I want to see you guys face to face, so let’s have some fun.

SHOWS are looking awesome. The show I sold to Pilgrim Productions last year is getting some good interest from the Networks, so I expect great things. And that’s the key, right? The nature of our thoughts result in “like-natured” effects. So, to expect the best must always result in the best. Trick is that you may not know what is best for you. That’s when acceptance comes in.

THINK that 2013 will be the best year yet… and it WILL be. See you guys soon!

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