What’s goin’ on this week at THE FIREBALL PAD…


As always, there’s cool stuff happening here at the Pad. Why? Well, that’s a really good question…

Most people do their day-2-day in “have to” mode. Like… I gotta got to the store and get stuff. OR… I gotta pick up the kids. Have to do this, have to do that. But there was a day in my life where I decided I wasn’t gonna have to do anything anymore. What I needed more of… was gratitude for what I had. So… I decided that instead to having to do things, I’d GET to do them.

Getting to do things is like a little kid. I get to sit up front. I get to go to the zoo. I get to go out and play. Something to look forward to and that forced me to look at the positive side of all things.

Now, I get to take out the trash. Why? Why is that good? Because it means that my house is clean and I’m grateful to all the guys that work so hard in the city to take my trash away. Without them, it would be piled in front of my house. And that would suck.

I get to go up and buy groceries. How is that cool? Because there’s many people that can’t. And I need to be grateful that I can do that.

So… here at the Fireball Pad, getting to do stuff is cool. And I get to do stuff every day, like today is a day at the Publisher to talk about getting the book out to kids, PLUS showing them sketches for BOOK 2 for the first time! Exciting. Also some special DESIGN PROJECTS that are currently in the works. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that.

EPISODE 8 of 5MINUTE DRIVE goes online today, so expect to see it on my YouTube Channel tonight. Special guest is Fireball Pop (Anthony Lawrence) and the 2013 KIA Optima. He’s a pretty funny dood and I hope you guys enjoy it. Tomorrow a meeting on a TV Show.

But this pales in comparison to next week! That’s when the FISKER shows up and we head to San Diego to film the show OVERDRIVE and then the DSP Open House Launch Party.

For today… look at things like a GIFT. You get to do these things and they should make you feel good to do them because there’s good in EVERYTHING. You just have to choose to see it. So choose your thoughts wisely and the effects will begin to better. You’ll see. It never fails.

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