The Week… in REVERSE!


Y’know, when you live your life from a certain perspective… you get back the “nature” of that perspective. What do I mean?

My life wasn’t always cool stuff. My thoughts bounced like most people’s thoughts. Doin’ this one second, doing that the next. So, I got back all kinds of mixed results. And since we now know that THOUGHTS CREATE THINGS… I had to get a handle on my “monkey mind.” And after learning to meditate and focus and KEEP my mind centered on what I wanted… at all times… things began to change.

Now… my life is just one cool thing after the next. And I’m grateful in a way that’s impossible to express. And the best thing about it? Anyone can do it. YOU can do it.

This week was enormous in the “Holy Crap, that’s Cool” category. Saw my book come out in Barnes & Noble and a great article in the Malibu Surfside News for the upcoming signing, Kathie built her Top-Secret Superbowl Mascot (being revealed shortly), the most insane Enchiladas ever tasted went into my gullet and the 2013 Cadillac ATS showed up for a weekly spin and review. (Took it for a glass of wine, as you can see…) New episode, incredible dinner at CHOLADA, petted cool doggies all week and tons more. Not one bad thing came. And this is why…

You have to CHOOSE to look at EVERYTHING as if it’s absolutely the most AWESOME thing ever! All the time. Even if it looks bad. No matter what…And there’s a reason for this.

Through Quantum Physics and the study of the Quantum Field, you’ll realize that your shift in perspective… the actual act of changing your mind to CHOOSE to look at you situation (any situation) as cool instead of bad… is the ACTUAL CATALYST for making it cool. Get me? Are you smellin’ what the Fireball is cookin?’ YOU have the power to change EVERYTHING, just by the way you THINK. Right now…

I hope you get this. Because it means EVERYTHING. The GOD inside you…Your HIGHER SELF… The INFINITE… the big BADABOOM… is waiting. Waiting for you to REALIZE this. To become aware of it. To USE it.

That’s why we’re here. To GROW. To make the planet COOL. When you realize this… everything begins to change and nothing will ever be the same again.

Welcome… to the REAL.

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