Hollywood Heroines by Yu Cheng Hong…

Yu’s concepts are pretty involved as you can see. (Wait, did I just double up on the Yu’s?) At any rate, these are pretty flawless and he seems to know what he’s doing.

Creative vision is as limitless as your mind is vast, so don’t create any limitations. Just let it flow and see what emerges. The right one comes out and hopefully becomes an actual costume in film.

003-character-design-yu-cheng-hong001-character-design-yu-cheng-hong 002-character-design-yu-cheng-hong  005-character-design-yu-cheng-hong 007-character-design-yu-cheng-hong 009-character-design-yu-cheng-hong 013-character-design-yu-cheng-hong 014-character-design-yu-cheng-hong

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