PT DUME Malibu for a day of high extreme beauty…


The other day, I went with Kathie and buddy Bob to Pt Dume for a drive in the Caddy ATS. Just getting around to posting this due to not being able to get my rear end out of the 911 I’m currently driving. But Pt. Dume in upper Malibu is one of the most spectacular areas in the region. Grand vistas, great flowers and bluffs, plus a ton of areas to climb. It’s a bit hairy if you’re afraid of heights, but otherwise, worth a day. Bring a picinicky and chow down among the great views.

Society has structured the weekends for things like this. Which is why it’s far more important to do it during the week for many reasons. You feel like you’re playing hooky a bit, appreciate it more due to no crowds and actually getting a parking space. Call in sick, tell them you’ve been hijacked by aliens, wear a funny hat and drive north. You’ll be super glad you did.

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