It’s Monday, so let’s HIT THIS THING HARD…


Monday’s always seems to be the beginning. A chance to start again. But… every day is that, really.

Anywho, let’s get out there today and DO THE THING. The thing that needs to get done. As long as that thing brings us one of the principles of life. LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HEALTH, HARMONY, PROSPERITY, BEAUTY. Today we’re having coffee with Kathie brother, Tom and his son Tate. (They’re from Florida) Tate is a Nationally ranked Tennis player at 18 and is looking to possibly go to Pepperdine. Then, it’s Hyundai to the Gym, 5Minute Drive Prep, lunch, sketch 34 of Book 2, coffee, pet dogs, scratch head, look out at ocean and then… have more fun.

GIVE today like it’s your last chance. Call them, tell them, SMILE. Regardless of where you are or what’ you’re doing. Make today THE THING.

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