Beast of a Friday with the BEST RIDES OF THE WEEK…


Wow, overwhelming amount of coolness appeared this week in the world of Automotive Sculpture and cool cars. Where to begin… where to begin.

How about with this p.f.u.v by Eduardo Diaz Tostado, Alfa Romeo 6C Concept, Batmobile Monster Truck, Datsun is Back, Honda Civic Wagon Concept, Kia Geneva Concept, KTM Xbow, MONSTERmini, Opel Vauxhall Concept, Sbarro Geneva Concept, SsangYong SIV, Tean Forza Hydrogen Racer, the VW ecoVAN and the Russian Yo Mobil Tormoza XYZ. SHEESH! Who names these things!

Alfa-Romeo-6C-Concept2_FireballTim  Alfa-Romeo-6C-Concept4_FireballTim Batmobile-Monster-Truck_FireballTim Datsun_FireballTim Honda-Civic-Wagon-Concept_FireballTim Kia-Geneva-Concept_FireballTim KTM-X-BOW-2013_FireballTim Monster-1965-Mini_FireballTim Opel-Vauxhall-Adam-Concepts_FireballTim  sbarro-ract-e-v-concept_FireballTim SsangYong-SIV_FireballTim teamforzehydrogenracer_FireballTim VW-Concept-Eco-Van_FireballTim YO-mobil-tormoza-XYZ1_FireballTim

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