Kia and other Insane Concepts hitting THE GENEVA AUTO SHOW…


So many cool cars coming to Geneva including this KIA Provo Concept, I’m going to seriously have to take time away from eating the chocolate to see them. Unless, I can figure out a way to do both? Featured here are the Corvette Stingray Convertible, Bertone JET, The Spyker B6, a Mystery Car and more of KIA’s Urban Concept. Driving the Future has never been so cool…

2014-Corvette-Stingray-Convertible_FireballTim AM-Bertone-Vanquish-Jet-2


Spyker-B6-Concept_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-1_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-2_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-3_FireballTim  Kia-Urban-Concept-5_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-6_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-7_FireballTim

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