So, today I set out to complete a variety of things, totaling 120 miles in the Volvo S60.

After dropping King Tahoe off for a new window motor (Here’s my man at Malibu Auto…) I hit Propmasters way out in butthole Burbank where I picked up this white thing that’s sitting on the hood of the Volvo,… then hit Bob’s Big Boy for an awesome Veggie Burg Rocket Fuelie,… then swung by my buddy George Barris’ pad to give him a copy of my kid’s book (He was in an interview, so I bugged him not… but shot a $4.9M Batmobile instead)…  swooshed to Design Studio Press to film a new 5Minute Drive with Scott Robertson (went awesomely)… grabbed some JOE… then hit Home Depot for some Home Crapola and finally an Art Store for some Acrylic being used for Kathie Super Secret CIA, FBI, COD, UPS, LOL and LTD White House Project. Doosh…

Boy, are my dogs hot. But… the Volvo isn’t even warm. Curious…


DSC09385 DSC09386    DSC09390

2013-03-19_12-27-33_999 DSC09391

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