Today’s PONDERINGS… Difficult People


Sometimes you just wish you could give a cup of this to someone. 200% Caffeine, and then push them out into the ocean in a dinghy to watch them explode. BUT, alas… that’s not the way to deal with difficult people.

We do our best, but sometimes there’s someone in our life that is really annoying or just a plain pain-in-the-ass. What to do, what to do?

Knowing that thoughts attracts after their kind, meaning that thoughts like to hang out with similar thoughts, (They’re buds) then aggression only brings more aggression and anger brings more anger, we have to ask ourselves “What do we want?” And everyone wants the same thing, even Mr. Jerk. We want peace in our lives. Security that we won’t be bothered and feel calm, knowing that all things are good, right? SO…

In order to get that, we need to THINK that. And the only way to do that, …is to close our eyes and KNOW that we already have peace right now. Easy to say, not so easy to do. But it works. And… it’s the only thing that does.

Oh, sure, I hear you. “What also works is to stick a firecracker up his butt and let’s rip!” Yes, it seems like that would work as well, but… it really doesn’t. And, you might get the same coming back to you and that would suck royale bummness.

So try this today. Cultivate peace and harmony in your life by realizing that you have it now. Breath, and KNOW that you have it all, RIGHT NOW. And the more you do this, the natural result will be peace… and Mr. Jerk will miraculously vanish. You’ll see. It may take a bit of time, BUT IT WORKS WITHOUT FAIL.

But… in case you’re not ready just yet,… I know where you can find a few M80’s for safe keeping.

Have an aweomse Saturday, Peeps!

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