For my BIRTHDAY… I want these…


Cool cars. That’s all. Just line ’em up and bring ’em on in, thank you very much.

This set… The Hyundai Pickup Concept, new 2014 Chevy Impala… to which I’ll SLAM! BoldRide’s Camaro El Camino (above), The Ferrari Ghetto, a HoverCraft Golf Kart, Maserati’s new Supercar and Nissan’s FRIEND-ME Concept.

I’m waiting…

2004-Kia-KCV4-Mojave-Concept-0 Chevrolet-Impala_2014_1024x768_wallpaper_0c  Ferrari-Getto Hovercraft-Golf-Craft-by-Bubba-Watson LaMaserati---Anton Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 5.16.55 AM

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